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Jaidyn Baker

"100% recommend taking online zoom classes with Nadine & Howard. Amazing mentors and beyond helpful from beginning to end. You will never get the experience or knowledge from a self taught class like you will with this class!"

Randi Melissa Behlert

"Hi Nadine! I just passed both my tests! Just wanted to pass the exciting news along and thank you for all your valuable time and information. I learbed so much from your and Howard's classes. Thank you!""

Kayla B.

The class was excellent. I was able to take the class after work and I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to talk to some of the guest speakers that were invited. The best part we’re the instructors Howard & Nadine…Excellent! I would definitely recommend this class.

Brittany Saraceno

John was amazing! You can tell how passionate he is about his career and his employees. Thank you for all the amazing guest speakers and knowledge you have poured into us over the weeks☺️!

Linda Loncosky

" "It was great meeting John, Mike and all of the other great guest speakers. Thank you for sharing all of your knowledge and amazing team members with us."

Alyssa Gontz

It was a very inspiring class! I think we all enjoyed it a lot and got to know a little bit more about a lot of the people in our class.

Joanne Grayo

“Howard and Nadine made learning about real estate fun! I Howard with his stories and Nadine with her sense of humor made the 10 weeks go by fast. I highly recommend these classes.”

Kelly Jo Davis

“Just wanted to Thank you Nadine Simantov & Howard Gottlieb for teaching this awesome class and helping me step out of my comfort zone. I’m impressed at how much I’ve learned in just a short few months! Good-luck all & thanks!"

Bree Weinkopff

“Today I passed my Real Estate exam. I am a firn believer in celebrating every little win in life. For me, this was a big one. Cheers to anyone dipping their toes into something new during quarantine. Toss on your favorite outfit and celebrate your hard work. If you are considering a career in real estate, I highly recommend Real Estate Career Academy! Howard & Nadine are so knowledgeable and made the entire process so enjoyable. (also

Lindsay Hughes

“I passed today! So excited to start this new adventure! Thank you Howard & Nadine!!!

Nicholas Kane

“I passed. WOOOO! Thank you very much Howard Gottlieb and Nadine Simantov for all your help!

Jeff Livezey

“I passed!!! Thanks Howard Gottlieb and Nadine Simantov! Thanks to Rich Gottlieb and Lauren Backer Burtell for the extra study material you guys created, Now my wife and I's goal is to be top selling couple!

Frank Breen Jr.

“I just received an email that my license has been issued by the State of PA. It took exactly 4 weeks from the date I sent in all the requirements. Thank you to Nadine and Howard and all of the members of the class for making this possible.

Dave Barba

Nadine and Howard,
“I passed my real estate exam last week! I just wanted to thank you both for taking the time to teach the class. Your real world knowledge and examples throughout the course was really what made a lot of the information ‘stick’ for me.”

Jamie Lynn Mellott Goodfellow

“If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a Realtor, here is the perfect opportunity! Nadine and Howard are excellent teachers. They prepared us so well, I passed both the National and State exams the 1st time. Make 2020 Your Year.

Lauren DiSandro

“Thank you both for being such great teachers . You definitely kept it interesting. I came to class and was not bored or uninterested. The exam was very tough. And I can honestly say I would not have been able to pass if you guys were not such great teachers . And also offering us that cram course at the end. That was a huge help. Thanks for everything and Have a wonderful Holiday. I will definitely refer people to this class. I already had a client of mine sign up. ”

Julianna P.

“Nadine and Howard do an amazing job as instructors. Not only do they prepare you for the exam they share with you their professional and personal experiences. Their dedication to helping you succeed is genuine and does not end when you walk out of the classroom.”

John Scariano

“For any person looking into new career, and Real Estate interest you the Real Estate Career Academy is by far an excellent choice. Nadine and Howard are extremely insightful and accomplished, the best part is they share those skills with you while infusing the curriculum. Outstanding experience looking forward to a new career.”

Natalie Barci

“Nadine and Howard were amazingly helpful and informative. I feel very confident about passing the exam thanks to them both and I'm so excited for my future in Real Estate.

They are also wonderful at making sure you have a path after you pass the exam and provide so much information on mentorships, other learning opportunities, and how the business is actually run. I'm so glad I was recommended to them!”

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